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south view 7
07-Nov-08, 13:16
found this washed ashore on the beach at wick,just came in about 09.30.http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u217/southview7/seal003-1.jpg

07-Nov-08, 18:43
Aww what a shame. I was out filming seals today and there was one acting very strangely, I think it was probably dying. :( It was on it's back in the water with its head under and would stay that way until it was washed into shore then it would turn over and swim out a bit then go back onto it's back again. It was doing that for 2 hours. The other seals were all behaving quite differently.

07-Nov-08, 18:58
Hi Dorrie, unfortunately seals do die and it is horrible to see knowing there is little you can do to help.
Sometimes there appears no particular reason for this sort of thing, we once witnessed the death of a female Atlantic Seal, she appeared to be in great pain and was "crying", her partner stayed with her until she died and for two days after she died he kept away gulls and the like,
On the third day my partner and I thought he needed to leave her now and go about surviving on his own, it was hard work trying to get him to leave her but eventually he did and we truly hoped that he survived, we buried her on the beach where she lay.
It was a sad day.

07-Nov-08, 20:11
Interested in the seal sighting today, you mentioned it was having difficulties, if possible could you drop me a pm with where about you spotted it.

Also If you see a seal that may be abandoned, thin or ill, then call for advice and assistance on these number listed below


BDMLR hotline: 01825 765546

Kevin Milkins
14-Nov-08, 02:42
Hope I never have to witness a poorly seal , Mrs M would have it in the back of the car and off to vets.:confused