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03-Nov-08, 16:24
Any members into Airguns up here?

Ive been shooting for a lot of years now and its a shame there are no airgun clubs either for HFT (hunter field target) or just FT (field target) up here in caithness.

All thats catered for up here is small bore which is a shame.

Im into target shooting as well as helping out the farmers as they have a legal requirment to control quarrey so it gets me out and about for hours on end.

03-Nov-08, 19:14
im into air gunning, i have an air arms s410 K.

03-Nov-08, 19:47
nice rifle buddy i was thinking about buying one the other day.
Do you get out much with it??

Ive currently got an

smk xs19 .22 custom carbine
qb79 .22 co2
Gamo Shadow 1000 .22

My main rifle is a BSA Hornet .22 Multishot PCP and I was never quite happy with its consistency so earlier on in the year it made its way south to an absolute gentleman called John Bowkett.

He designed the Hornet for BSA as well as other PCP rifles for them. Because BSA mass produce rifles tollerances are not as fine as the original design which is a shame. So a blueprint for example John will rebuild the rifle to the way it should be.

Well the guy worked his magic on it and some awesome mods were purchased :

John Bowkett Custom Regulator - for more air efficiency (higher shot count) and higher fill pressure from 232bar to 280Bar
Lightened Internals
Blueprinted - Full strip down, some tweaks and a tighter tollerance of re-assembly giving more efficiency and better accuracy
Threaded Barrel - Screw threaded barrel due to it being an older type
John Bowkett Silencer - Done away with my SAS silencer and now have a Bowkett custom carbon fibre silencer which is featherweight and super quiet!!

03-Nov-08, 19:53
good stuff octane, sounds expensive though :lol:

i get out a bit with it, not as much as i would like :mad: yourself?

03-Nov-08, 20:02
yeah im out day and night when im home as long as its no bucketing down.

Landowners had major probs with quarrey so i get up there as much as I can.

Yeah it can be expensive depending on what your wanting.

Its just a shame no where up here can fill a divers bottle to 300bar as i charge the hornet to 280Bar. Aberdeens the closest that can go as high as that.

Tried firestations, diving outlets etc etc and no one has a compressor capable of doing it.

So its up and down with a stirrup pump which I suppose is good exercise although not at the time!!

03-Nov-08, 20:16
its good exercise :lol:

seriously though, yes it can be a pain :Razz

if you fancy meeting up for a shoot let me know, ill give you a hand with some of that quarry ;)

05-Nov-08, 22:05
Yup I do a bit of shooting, airifle and shotty.

Haven't been out for ages though, been too busy, and now to top it all off I'm moving south this month!

06-Nov-08, 10:02
What rifles ye got Riffman?

07-Nov-08, 13:18
Currently sporting a Webley PCP Raider 2 shot, quite old technology by todays standards, but still shoots straight and hard.