View Full Version : Thank you Jings00

02-Nov-08, 18:41
If you ever have the opportunity to work for Jings00 and barter for superb, Chef cooked food, go for it.

I had, Linguine, fresh Salmon and Broccoli with a Blue cheese sauce, accompanied by a bottle of red wine. What more could a person ask for, except a slightly less calorific version of the same!! :)

02-Nov-08, 21:49
why is jings a chef? :)

confused by your post, sorry :roll:

02-Nov-08, 22:47
ha ha, cheers, i was adding the michelin tyres, instead of the stars, ha ha ha.
(i trained as a chef, but i'm alright now :-) )

SeaEagle has been helping me get stuff sorted for flitting, so a thanks in return by giving back all the calories she burned off doin the work.

02-Nov-08, 22:53
OK so what can we barter Jings! I'm always up for some good scoff :D

footie chick
02-Nov-08, 22:57
Me too :lol:

03-Nov-08, 02:39
I'll do the dishes!

03-Nov-08, 18:28
cor, do the dishes???.....i may be tempted!!! :-)

Anne x
03-Nov-08, 22:33
gosh JingsOO get your recipies on the board well impressed we that menu