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19-Jan-06, 11:15
Following on from the tragic case of the British backpacker Katherine Horton, who was raped and murdered in Thailand, I would like to know what everyone thinks of the subsequent investigation, trail and convictions. I must be getting very cynical as it just seems to quick, too easy and too convenient for the Thai authorities…….any thoughts?

19-Jan-06, 11:30
They don't mess about out there, they had the DNA, proved the link, and were also aware that the two fishermen had gone to sea and disappeared for a few days.

Perhaps it seems barbaric by our standards, but when you have the evidence why muck about.

19-Jan-06, 11:32
Anyone know how quick these DNA tests take?

19-Jan-06, 13:02
im a bit sceptical on that as well
thailand is notorious for its habits and crooked police.
there is no way i would ever willingly go there..

19-Jan-06, 16:41
Tourists aren't so keen to go to Thailand since the Tsunami and the authorities are desperate to do everything in their power to attract them back. For tourists to now also be afraid of murder and rape has added to the country's problem. They are desperate to improve their image in that respect and have pushed the boat out in dealing with this particular situation. They are trying to give the impression that they will not tolerate such behaviour and are efficent in dealing with the offenders, I think it will take more than this to persuade people to go there.

19-Jan-06, 18:10
I wholeheartedly agree with the way it's been dealt with. Quick and precise. They have the evidence, they have the men, they have the means to deal with it.
I imagine the family of the murdered girl are relieved that they won't have many more months of waiting and waiting and waiting - as they would in this country - just to be told they get 3 years in jail (no matter if it IS a Thai jail). How they'll feel about the death penalty, who knows? I know I'd be glad of it!!!

19-Jan-06, 18:39
Anyone know how quick these DNA tests take?

Can be from one day to another if you have the equipment and people at your disposal. Everything else must have been put on the backburner for this case.

On one hand I tend to think that yes, it was very quick and "fortunate" the way thses suspects were aprehended. On the other hand, this case is in under the international microscope. To convict to the death penalty two people who did not commit the crime, for the sake of settling tourists security fears would eventually come out. I don't think anyone would want to run that risk.

19-Jan-06, 18:54
Good on the Thai government - getting the matter to court as soon as possible. As for the death penalty - the guys admitted it (they said her murder was 'delicious' - cranks!) - in this country they would have been put in jail at taxpayers great expense, and then released into the community with survellance at great cost (look at Maxine Carr).

19-Jan-06, 19:42
The men confessed their guilt.
Drunk and crazed on pornography they seized upon this helpless young lady, photographed days earlier as she left with her friend for a carefree holiday -to satisfy their carnal lust to 'have a western woman'

Not only did they rape her, but they murdered her too. Why? Is life so cheap.
Were they consumed by self-preservation and desperate to evade detection?

I'd prefer to see them incarcerated for the next fifty years, knowing what they had done to deserve it, living in meagre 'existence' mode.
Lethal injection? As punishment it doesn't hold a candle to a lifetime behind bars where cockroaches crawl.

19-Jan-06, 19:49
If every thing is straight forward and above board and in full compliance with their laws and their methods are known and open then I see no problem at all.
If the confessions given were given freely and not under torture or unacceptable duress then again I see no problem.

I have heard complaints from certain organisations via the media yesterday about the speed of the trial and lack of defence witnesses in comparison to the justice system here.

I do not know the intricacies of the Thai Judicial System but if they have followed the normal pattern I see no difference between this and any other case there.

The reason our system can, at times, follow a long process is, that even in the case of a "Guilty Plea" all the evidence available has to be, or at least should be, collected.
The general rule is that there should only be one trail, (I know, there are exception) and one opportunity for the prosecution to show guilt.
This means that, if a defendant confesses and indicates he is going to plead guilty, he can change his mind right up to the point he stands in court and says so. In that last second before he speaks he can still change is mind. At that point if there is no evidence to put before the court then he is acquitted.
That is not even giving consideration to a guilty verdict with an Appeal.
The general rule is, take no chances.

Even under our Judicial System in a trial where the accused pleads Guilty defence witnesses are not called. If it appears that there is a good reason for the need of Defence Witnesses then the Judge will enter a plea of “Not Guilty” no matter how much the Accused may protest!

If the Thai system allows for that eventuality by allowing for the trial to wait and the evidence then gathered it will be much quicker.
A late Not Guilty plea is allowed for.

There is still a nasty Colonial attitude in some quarters that 'those nasty little people out there' still haven't learned how to do things properly and that we have a right to bully them into compliance with our more civilised methods.

How terribly condescending and offensive we can we be when it suits us.

19-Jan-06, 19:52
There is still a nasty Colonial attitude in some quarters that 'those nasty little people out there' still haven't learned how to do things properly and that we have a right to bully them into compliance with our more civilised methods.

How terribly condescending and offensive we can we be when it suits us.
Quite right!
I wish I'd said that.