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23-Oct-08, 20:32
can anyone recommend a lighting shop, i'm looking for some super lighting to set off a new room? thanks.

26-Oct-08, 17:18
I bought most of my lights on line. I found that i could not get a complete set locally so it was easier this way. I did buy a few from Marys when her shop which was across from Ashley Anns was open.

some places i bought our lights are below
http://www.lighting-direct.co.uk/ http://www.lightsaver.co.uk/shop/index.php

hope this helps

26-Oct-08, 18:39
I found a super shop in Inverness, nearly opposite B & Q

27-Oct-08, 17:05
muffin, is that where the old B and Q was or the new one?

27-Oct-08, 17:13
I'm not sure, I haven't lived here long, as you go over the bridge and then turn right towards the town centre it is a way along there on the left.

27-Oct-08, 23:06
The Farm and Household shop in Inverness have a lot of lights for sale, I managed to get a set there. I had seen the main lamp for sale on the internet at 160 and bought the same from F&H Stores for 95 and that was with a matching wall light. They have a good selection too.

28-Oct-08, 11:04
W D Ross has lights and shades in Thurso. This is the 2nd time i've recommended them today. They've got tons of hardware tools and DiY stuff -I'm not related or employed by them. Its a good shop lots of stock, keen prices and deserves to be really busy.