View Full Version : outboard motor oil

Tackity Boo
23-Oct-08, 14:03
Can anyone tell me where I could buy 4 stroke outboard motor oil in Caithness?


23-Oct-08, 16:06
Try the agricultural engineers that recently moved from the top corner of Rose St to the bottom of Blackstairs in Wick...dammit - i can't remember their name. Does Robertsons of Tain sound anything like?

They sell Honda outboards.

Tackity Boo
23-Oct-08, 16:19
Great thanks, will try them.

23-Oct-08, 16:35
You could always try AMS bike shop


23-Oct-08, 18:54
Where are you? That would help with the advice given...

Last time I bought it was in the filling station in Auckengill.

Tackity Boo
23-Oct-08, 22:11
I live near wick