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17-Jan-06, 00:19
Can anyone tell me where heatherbell cottages john o groats is?? Is it to the right towards dunnet head?

17-Jan-06, 01:00
As you come in to John O'Groats, turn right at the Post Office. About quarter of a mile up that road, turn right - Heatherbell Cottages should be right in front of you. I think...

17-Jan-06, 12:43
Hi Fran,

This house was one we looked at when it was for sale about 4/5 years ago.

If I remember rightly, it's between Mey and Gills, very close to the cattery (though I can't remember which side of it) on the left hand side of the road if you're coming from O'G. It's a bungalow sitting back from the road with a thickish hedge around the garden and at least one small stone outhouse at the rear and the drive up to the house to the left.

Hope this helps.

17-Jan-06, 14:45
Zambois very close.You turn up the Duncansby road, go along about 1/4a mile where there is a junction to the right, take it and the football pitch is on your left and there are 3 rows of houses on the right, those houses are heatherbell cottages.

18-Jan-06, 02:24
thank you mapreaders. Zambo was right and I found it without any problem. i had to go early this morning so would not have been able to ask anyone for directions. thankyou again.