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17-Oct-08, 22:05
Just off the train from Inverness where I met two very brave ladies who are setting off from John O'Groats to Lands End tomorrow morning on quad bikes. Suzie has Motor Neurone Disease and walks with a stick so she and her friend Debs are raising money for a Hospice in Suffolk. Unfortunately, although they have arranged their trip with accommodation etc., they hadn't contacted the .org - can you imagine ? :eek: so I offered to do it for them as it seems a shame if they drive through Caithness without anyone knowing.

So, if you see two pink ladies on quad bikes tomorrow please give them a wave. You can read about them and follow their progress here
http://www.2pinkladies.co.uk/ . They hope to set off around 10.0 am.

18-Oct-08, 08:42
Just bumping this one up so that it'll stay on the front page a wee while longer.:)

Not long before they set off!

18-Oct-08, 10:10
Thanks Angela - and it's a lovely sunny morning so at least they're getting a good start.

18-Oct-08, 10:20
Glad to hear that badger -not so nice down here, grey and windy.:(

I really do admire these women....bit of a lump in my throat, cough, cough!:)

18-Oct-08, 11:41
at least they have got a half decent day to start out, hope they get on ok and raise loads of money.

18-Oct-08, 16:13
Anybody seen them yet - please post if you have.

18-Oct-08, 16:26
Smile - they haven't made it this far yet! Will keep an eye out tho...

Alice in Blunderland
18-Oct-08, 16:38
Im heading up the road from London tomorrow so will look out for them................dont reckon they will be down this far yet unless its supercharged quad bikes.

Good luck to them. :D

18-Oct-08, 17:07
They were planning to be at Garve for their first night so think it's going to be a long trek and I don't suppose quad bikes are the most comfortable form of transport. Suzie looked a bit tired when I was talking to them on the train and she is actually a patient at the hospice. Where do people like her get their guts and determination? They were both so cheerful, friendly and optimistic, and so grateful for any interest and help.

18-Oct-08, 17:14
We saw them around lunchtime today Badger, between Helmsdale and Brora. We wondered why two visions in pink flashed past on quads.

Thank you for telling us all about them - I certainly will take a look at the website - maybe we can make an online donation.

I wish them the very best of luck. :)

18-Oct-08, 19:12
Saw them outside brora, there seems to be about 5 bikes?

18-Oct-08, 19:24
Saw them outside brora, there seems to be about 5 bikes?

They said their husbands were bringing the bikes up and, with Suzie being ill, they would need an escort.