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17-Oct-08, 16:42
I noticed that in Wednesdays Courier that the Olrig and District Bee Keeping Association had their annual show. I am keen to contact some of the members as i am looking to become a bee keeper myself and would like to join the association and get some advice. If anyone has contact details for the association could they pass them on to me please, it would be very much appreciated.
Thanks very much in advance

17-Oct-08, 17:17
Should get you to the beekeepers.
They're a good bunch of people, the only thing to be sure of is to get your bees up here and don't bring any from the south.
Good Luck

17-Oct-08, 18:12
Thanks very much for that, i'll check it out once i've bathed and bedded the bairn:)

17-Oct-08, 18:45
have sent you a pm