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Humerous Vegetable
17-Oct-08, 16:24
Can anybody recommend a decent set-top box which will:

Work in Thurso.
Be easy to set up and
Not cost me a fortune?
We don't watch much telly ourselves, but we have an elderly relative coming to stay over the next few months who seems to spend his whole life umbillically attached to the broadcast media, so I guess we'd better make the effort. It's going to be a long old winter otherwise.

17-Oct-08, 20:08
Originally had a Bush model but it only lasted about a year now have 2 Alba boxes and they work perfectly, but a lot depends on where about you live within the town and also your aerial ~ we got a new (loft) one when we put in Freeview about 6 years ago. They were both bought on ebay and very easy to set up ~ just scan and it does everything automatically.

17-Oct-08, 20:35
You can buy standard freeview box for 30 maybe less...... They mostly all do the same job... But you might find you need a Booster. Think a big % of the town struggles with the signal and a booster gave us 10+ more channels and a better picture.

but maybe worth looking into the new Recordable Freeview boxes. Obvioulsy the price goes up but might be a good investment.

hope it helps