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16-Oct-08, 18:46
I was on holiday last week and, late one night (after far too much wine) my hosts produced a DVD that they said I would find 'entertaining'...oo-er.

It was a digitally animated kids' cartoon I'd never heard of by a French company featuring Bernard (French pronunciation important!) the Polar Bear.

They're short cartoons about four minutes long. For the next forty minutes I genuinely cried with laughter.
Just to make sure it wasn't just the drink, today I watched a couple of clips on YouTube...still very funny.


Does anyone have any favourite kids cartoons that they will happily sit and watch as adults? And how many cartoons seem to work on one level for kids and another one for adults?

16-Oct-08, 19:14
Hee hee! Great clip.:lol: I have never seen Bernard the Polar Bear.

I love Shaun the Sheep and keep looking to see when there will be a new series.

16-Oct-08, 20:36
Tom and Jerry...absolute classics.

16-Oct-08, 20:41
Tom and Jerry...absolute classics.
yogi bear takes some beating then top cat. beat that

16-Oct-08, 21:12
Most cartoons are written for an adult audiance as well as for kids. Bugs Bunny, The Simpson's and Ice Age etc.

16-Oct-08, 21:29
Shaun the sheep is brilliant.

Cant think of any other new carton that i'd watch with the kids,I'd even watch this one on my own.:lol:

16-Oct-08, 23:18
tsk, spent longer than i meant to watching various Bernards!

Kevin Milkins
17-Oct-08, 00:12
I started to feel a little light headed with Bernard up on that high diving boared.:eek:
Better give the sky diving one a miss lol:lol:

I like the road runner and South Park.:Razz

17-Oct-08, 03:13
I can easily sit and watch any of the Merry Melodies cartoons, which included Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, Tweetie Bird...the list goes on! They still make me chuckle.

The macs
17-Oct-08, 21:45
Loved watching Bernard, any idea where I can buy the DVD?

George Brims
17-Oct-08, 23:32
Bernard is brilliant! I love Sean the Sheep too, but Wallace and Grommet rule!

18-Oct-08, 01:52
Loved watching Bernard, any idea where I can buy the DVD?

Macs: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bernard-Vol-1-Desert-Island-Adventures/dp/B0010BTMC0

Cedric Farthsbottom III
18-Oct-08, 02:00
Fosters Home of Imaginary Friends............class in a glass.The joys of Sky.Ye cannae beat the Looney Tunes(Merry Melody)though.Wid Will.E.Coyote ever catch the Road Runner.Wid Sylvester ever get to scoff on Tweetie Pie.No officially,but the Daily Star showed pictures of the deeds being finally done.Here,Lucy Pinder was in there as well,I'm a Happy Bugs Bunny!:lol::lol:

18-Oct-08, 18:26
I used to watch The Flintstones as a child...when they were new and shown once a week in a Prime-time evening slot! I used to laugh then at things like Dino knocking Fred down, but I never realised just how funny some of the dialogue and contemporary send-ups really were until 20+ years later when I watched them with my own children. Hilarious stuff!

I also have to vote for the Road Runner. I can watch those over and over and still laugh. :)