View Full Version : No AC/DC Scottish Tour Date

15-Oct-08, 19:34
14 Apr 2009 London
18 Apr 2009 Dublin
21 Apr 2009 Manchester
23 Apr 2009 Birmingham

Not a single Scottish date, i'm just seething with anger over this,it's just not bloody good enough.

16-Oct-08, 08:14
But there are free dates so you never know they might fit one in, or just play more dates down south.

16-Oct-08, 11:59

"A glasgow date has not been announced but is almost certain"

Now holding my breath

17-Oct-08, 17:52
It would be moraly wrong to watch the`DC in england if the did not put on a scottish date or 5, if they don`t play scotland they will be cursed to play bros covers forever,

David B
17-Oct-08, 22:36
Sold out and already making huge money on eBay.

I'll be devastated if they don't come to Scotland.

Best live band by a country mile.

ANGUS - da da da da da da da - ANGUS

18-Oct-08, 00:20
there due to play Hampden footie staduim in april/march time so iv heard from a reliable source...

wether it comes to anything...time will tell!

with 2 members being from scotland...i cant see them not playing at least one gig...

saw them in 2001 in the SECC...awesome!

22-Oct-08, 22:14
Anyone heard anything yet???? first seen then 1991 Razors Edge Tour Glasgow SECC went home deaf :lol:

22-Oct-08, 22:40
there are still more european dates to be announced...


The Pepsi Challenge
23-Oct-08, 10:01
They'll be here, have no worry.

The best AC/DC tribute band name by the way is, AC/DC Thomson.