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15-Oct-08, 09:24
Congratulations to this young lad from Thurso on winning the 16-18 year old section at the MOD in Falkirk.

15-Oct-08, 09:48
well done it is nice to hear of good news for a change:Razz

15-Oct-08, 09:53
Congratulations :)

15-Oct-08, 11:06
Yes excelent news the lad dun well....CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT MOD MEANS ?

Alice in Blunderland
15-Oct-08, 12:02
Well done Philip all your hard work and practice has paid off. :D

A gathering of folk in some poor town to drink the place dry, partying,
singing and dancing I believe is what the MOD is all about. :lol:

Giving the locals a good bit of revenue at the same time. Caithness here they come a couple of million spent at this time ;).

< ducks for cover now before Weeboyagee comes on to give me a row >

15-Oct-08, 12:09
MOD is as Colin Campbell says the "Whisky Olympics - Gaelic version!!!"

Gaelic music festival - if you follow the link on the main page you will find out a bit more - as Alice says it is coming to Caithness next year - enjoy yourselves.

Apologies - thought it was next year - got it wrong it is 2010 October

Alice in Blunderland
15-Oct-08, 12:37
MOD is a word which means Gathering. Weeboyagee has just phoned so I asked him.

Philip is in Glasgow having a well earned rest today.

More good news after all the competitions were over Philip has found out he won the aggregrate award for the highest marks in music between all the girls and boys aged 16-18 prescribed song. Well done again Philip :)

By the way Wick poached him he no longer resides in Castletown.

He now attends the Royal Scottish Academy of music and drama and will be again in action tomorrow singing with Melvich Gaelic choir.

The MOD is being hosted in Caithness in October 2010 :eek:

Weeboyagee I believe has well and truly entered into the 'spirit' of the MOD ................................a nice Glenlivet. :cool:

15-Oct-08, 13:35
aye, well done that lad!

15-Oct-08, 13:57
Well done indeed ! An inspiration for other teens ! The practice has finally paid off. Keep it up.

Alice in Blunderland
15-Oct-08, 17:05
Weeboyagee has just been back on the phone ... another Caithness win ...

Celia Macdougall won the Marjory Kennedy Fraser competition for solo singing with piano accompanient.

Celia is from Shebster.

She has also won the Kennedy Fraser cup and the Johanna Fortune memmorial trophy. Celia also sings with Melvich Gaelic choir.

The choir are now all in Falkirk ready for competing tomorrow.
Those interested should watch BBC2 tomorrow night in case she is on. :cool:

Bring it on to Caithness in 2010. :D

15-Oct-08, 21:05
well done on both wins for caithness.

Alice in Blunderland
16-Oct-08, 12:51
Melvich Gaelic choir have just won Puirt-a-beul competition the good news just keeps on coming. :D

Well done everyone involved. :)

Alice in Blunderland
16-Oct-08, 18:10
Thats another win for the choir. The Lorne Shield Im sure they will be on telly tonight. Philip and Celia will be amongst them for those who want to see some Caithness folk on the telly...............oh and Weeboyagee too :cool: how could I forget ;)

16-Oct-08, 21:01
Well done to Philip and Celia and the choir on their wins. I also see from the results page that Alastair Gray came 4th in the men's solo singing, so well done to him too.

19-Oct-08, 16:44
Just arrived back. Many thanks for all your good wishes and messages of congratulations - we had a terrific time and the results were way beyond the hopes and dreams of many in the choir - first time in the choir's history that such results have been achieved, including the double!!!!!

November 29th, Weigh Inn Hotel, Thurso - annual ceilidh - but I am sure it will be a totally different event now - both Gold Medallists have committed to attending and a number of other big names are now coming up to Caithness - make the most of it folks - see you there. Well done to all the participants! Hopefully the pictures and story will be in the local press next week.

WBG :cool: