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14-Jul-03, 12:51
Thomas Telford was the man who desgined the lower Pultney area of Wick by the harbour wasn't he? That's why there is a Telford St in Wick, isn't it?

Anyway, reason I ask is I was in Conwy in Wales yesterday, and he also designed the Conwy suspension bridge by the castle. I was telling my older son this, and that the same man had a hand in Wick history too.

I'm not talking nonsense am I?

14-Jul-03, 12:54

Interesting...but nothing about Wick...hmmm

Mentions harbour works in Aberdeen and Dundee...and I also found out he was responsible for Bonar Bridge too.

14-Jul-03, 12:58

Very nice though, eh?!

14-Jul-03, 13:04
1801 Thomas Telford's first known report on Wick, although he almost certainly furnished some sort of report before this

1803 Telford produced a revised plan for the harbour and town.

1805 Work started mainly on the new "Pulteney Town" and a three-arch stone bridge over the river.

1806 A grant of 7500 became available from the forfeited estates and the harbour work began.

1810 The first real harbour - prior to this small jetties were used.

1813 Harbour work completed.

1818 Some seven curing-houses, 12 cooperages and 108 dwellings had been built in Pulteneytown.

1823 As a result of the first harbour, plans for a second harbour were put into being. At this time it was noted that "1500 boats go out in an evening and 200,000 barrels are caught in the season, the very refuse of which will manure several hundred acres of land". Some 12,000 people found employment in the fishing season.

1825 Most of Pulteney completed.

Answered my own question!!

14-Jul-03, 14:17
Thomas Telford is one of the most famous british civil engineers of all time. Forward thinking and innovative he is fascinating and his work is prlific throughout the uk. Mike, you might want to check out what he was responsible for around where you are too.