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13-Oct-08, 22:21
i heard through the grapevine that the drill rig in lybster had struck oil on thursday or friday last week...

13-Oct-08, 22:27
That could could be very good for they county.

13-Oct-08, 22:41
There always was oil there, just as there is oil in pockets elsewhere in the Firth.
Anyone remember the semi submersible drill test rig just about half a mile off the coast at Bruan around 25 years ago? I was reliably informed by one of the geophysicists at the time that oil was struck but it just wasn't worth the investment at that time as the commercial quantities were unknown and oil was in plentiful supply. "Maybe sometime in the future when the world is running short of oil" was the comment.
It's a question of whether there are commercial quantities in the current oil market. The smaller fields ( and those in the more remote difficult regions of the world such as the Arctic seabed) are now beginning to be worth the expenditure with the higher world oil prices on the global market.

15-Oct-08, 01:25
That could could be very good for they county.



I'm in the offshore oil industry but think that if they start taking oil from the Lybster field it will only be detrimental to us Caithnesians.

It will be a half dozen or so extra tanker lorries slowing us down on our way south everyday plus an oily water discharge to sea. Where's the benefits?

15-Oct-08, 20:35
and now they are about to dismantle the rig,,woooopeeee...:Razz