View Full Version : Well, That Wis Weird

13-Oct-08, 13:29
no a bad day, so got the back door open for the fresh air...then ma wee dog shoots off out and is roaring like an eejit. went to have a look, just seen this bloke disappearing into a car that was double parked on the pavement outside the house, and the car took off. he'd tried to get into the garden (cos he didny shut the blimmin gate right) but the dog musta put him off. no knock at the door or anything.....up to no good? or mistaken address??
i have my shilleighly to hand anyways..............

13-Oct-08, 14:59
Perhaps just an evangelist of some nature feeling your aura....and fleeing! :)

13-Oct-08, 15:17
hahaha, aye, ye neffer know.....gie them a feel o somethin and it willny be ma aura!! be the toe o ma boot!

13-Oct-08, 21:47
Wasn't a black car in the pennyland area? I was looking for an empty house today and made the mistake off looking in a house that appeared empty from afar. Got right up to the window and realised there was a blind on it! Mind you I didna try the gate!!!

14-Oct-08, 14:05
na,wisny a black car! not far from Pennyland though!!
i guess it was the same sorta thing....mistaken hoose identity...