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14-Jan-06, 21:46
hi its my 16th soon and i want to have a party, but the only things i keep getting is the children's party's. LOL

I hope you's will beable to help me and give me plenty off ideas thanks funky dunky xxx

14-Jan-06, 21:48
Hi Funky Dunky, will your parents not let you have a small party at home??
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY for very soon

14-Jan-06, 21:51
Thank you well my birthday aint until 8th may lol.
Yeah my parents will let me have it in the house but i dont just want a boring picnic kinda thing as this is ment to be my sweet 16 lol.

14-Jan-06, 21:53
Why don't you book a disco and hold your party in a hall, did you have anything in mind that you may of wanted to do yourself but did'nt want to ask your parents?

14-Jan-06, 21:56
no how what do you mean lol.

I cant book a disco as i have no money so it will just have to be a small one in my house you see lol.

15-Jan-06, 00:58
Funky Dunky, you should have what ever wil make you happy...I just ope you remember to invite your riends!!!!!!!!!!

15-Jan-06, 01:02
Well my 16th was a cracker - I made a whole keg of home brew (with a bottle of vodka in it) and my folks went out for the night. Well, they got a bit of an eye opener when they got back, but I'll no go into that.

It mostly depends on your parents....