View Full Version : Been here before???

jock leith
13-Oct-08, 10:21
Has anyone else traveled or visited a City or Town for the first time,but found that they already had a good idea of where to find a Landmark or Address without the assistance of Maps or Sat Nav,and felt that they had been there before.

Kevin Milkins
13-Oct-08, 10:33
Yes ,I have done that loads of times. The first thing I think of when I hit the city centre is a nice cup of coffee and as if by magic......////Starbucks.;)

13-Oct-08, 12:47
Yup, Scarborough.

I went with my parents when I was about 8 years old. I'd never been before but knew which way to go to get to the seafront.

I've never forgot that, or been able to repeat the trick.

13-Oct-08, 19:49
Now that is deja vu!!

13-Oct-08, 20:25
went to a pub on rose street Edinburgh with wife a few years ago. Thought this place is familiar I seemed to know the way to toilets but I have never been in here before I thought! Speaking later to brother I mentioned this strange feeling..ha you clown he says that was the last pub we were in in 1985 while down at the British Open Golf Champs it closed at 0230 then were off to spend what was left of night on a bench in Waverly Station. Must have been a bit under the weather that evening!!

Valerie Campbell
14-Oct-08, 10:16
Yip, has happened to me too. I visited a castle for the first time and I knew exactly where to go. It was a bit creepy really and I never forgot it. I've also never been back!