View Full Version : Wall stencils?

13-Oct-08, 09:39
Does anyone know where I can buy wall stencils in the UK?

I need to paint jungle grass and palm trees, and could do with a stencil for them, but the only ones I can find are in the US, and they cost quite a lot! Need it in a hurry as well!

Thanks for any suggestions!

13-Oct-08, 10:09
I found a huge 8 x 10 foot stick on jungle mural for 25 [URL="http://www.childrens-rooms.co.uk/product_display.php?product=muraljungle&bc=murals"]here (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nursery-Stencils-Irresistible-Everything-Furniture/dp/0091790808)

"Discover the jungle with over 18 colourful and different animals to find. Beware of crocodiles when you travel up stream to the lost city!"

13-Oct-08, 15:28
Thanks Julia.
We have had some probs with the decorating, as our room is a weird shape, so have decided to paint rather than use wallpapers, borders or murals. It was like World War 3 in our house last night, when we tried to paper the room! :eek:

Found something on the internet that will help me though, so hopefully that's us back on track with the decorating! :lol:

Thanks again for the link though - would have been ideal if we had a normal room!