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14-Jul-03, 12:50
BT have set a Broadband trigger level of 500 for the Thurso exchange, it currently has 386 (77%) registrations so with a bit of a push it looks like Thurso could be broadband enabled by the end of the year.

The Wick exchange still only has 222 registrations so we still have no hope in hell of getting a trigger level set yet, c'mon people....Get Registering!!


22-Jul-03, 21:05
I agree.

C'mon guys - if everyone registers, we may have a chance of Broadband in Wick. We really need it. If Thurso can do it, so can we!

Mr P Cannop
22-Jul-03, 23:07
numbers are now at 441 we now need only 59 more people to sign up come on we need more people to sign up

22-Jul-03, 23:49
Enabling Thurso is a step nearer to enablement of other exchanges i.e. Wick, Halkirk,Castletown etc.

Once the infrastructure is in place to Inverness it will then depend on demand and a good business case to enable the other exchanges, so get registering through www.hie.co.uk

Mr P Cannop
23-Jul-03, 11:51
i will kepp you up to date if thats ok with you all ??

29-Jul-03, 20:31
:lol: Just to let you know that in Thurso there are now 466 registered so only 34 to get so come on people getting yourself registered and Wick is terrible..come on Wick !!!
You can also register by calling 0800 027 23 27 or goto Broadband4Caithness (http://www.broadband4caithness.co.uk) as the site in not up and running yet but the registration screen is there.

30-Jul-03, 09:44
Anybody know for certain that BT are recognising the various different 'register your interest' petitions that are currently going around? There is BTís own website, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Broadband4Caithness, and Iím sure a few others.

Is there somebody in charge of making sure that ALL the results are submitted, that there are no duplicates, and that all the required information is collected?

30-Jul-03, 18:36
Yes there is someone in charge (Project Managing), Naver Technology Group is doing so through ongoing work with H.I.E. The Hydro scheme doesn't require co-ordination as there are no other routes for registration.

30-Jul-03, 20:19
That's good then. I'd hate to think that the total wasn't an accurate reflection on the number of people who have actually registered on the many different lists.

Colin Manson
31-Jul-03, 22:49

I've been watching the numbers rise on the BT site and it looks like Thurso are set to hit the limit soon.

As of 21:45 Today (31st July) the levels are

Thurso is at 474 so only 26 people needed.

Wick is at 245 now, needed - unknown

I have been speaking to a few people about this subject and I think lots of people don't realise that to register their interest doesn't tie them into any kind of contract.

Anyone can sign-up, you don't need a PC or to be considering one. You are just registering your interest in BT to upgrade the exchange, it is like signing a up to get a local swimming pool built, you might never use it but it is a very useful thing to have in your area.

Broadband will help many new Businesses come to the area and that is better for everyone, it means more jobs, more money coming in and it will create a much needed boost for the local economy.

I would encourage everyone to sign-up, get your friends, family and everyone you know to jump on the bandwagon and help everyone that really wants broadband to get it.

Many people say "But I don't need it and I don't want it" but that doesn't stop you from showing an interest and helping the rest of the community to get it. There are lots of people out there that have already signed up and if they can all get a couple more people to sign then we can have Wick and Thurso enabled. Other places can be reached with Wireless if there is not other way to get it in your area.

I have a list of three names that I'm going to sign-up tomorrow. :D

Colin Manson.

05-Aug-03, 17:50
Post your thoughts here on how we should celebrate Thurso reaching the trigger level, Wick your next.

I'm going to celebrate on Friday, location to be confirmed.

Those in the know can guess where! :D

05-Aug-03, 18:54
It's party time!!

I knew we were going to reach 500 early tonight, the question now is how much past it are we going to go!!

Wick it's over to you, Moonboots, you'll be needing new posters then eh?

Mr P Cannop
06-Aug-03, 10:27
what happens Now ??

15-Aug-03, 17:32
yeah, i'm curious about whats gonna happen now and how long it will take before we actually have broadband

Colin Manson
15-Aug-03, 23:41
I guess it should be available by the end of January 2004, based upon the number of exchanges before Thurso in the list and the time it take BT to do an exchange.


03-Sep-03, 00:18
What happens next is a really interesting question, given that BT move the goalposts as it suits them.

I registered back in the year dot, and my 01847 prefix was registered and acknowledged by BT as a registered interest for Thurso exchange.

Now that Thurso has reached the magic number, my more recent enquiry has resulted in the response that BT no longer recognises me as being of the Thurso exchange. Now I am Castletown, which (not in so many words, of course) doesn't have a cat in h*ll's chance of ever getting Broadband.

Does this mean that all of us with 01847 dial codes, but who are with satellite exchanges, have been removed by BT from the stats? Where does Thurso stand now?

And where's the ref when we need him?


03-Sep-03, 17:11
What about Watten? Is it ever going to get Broadband at all, or is there no point in trying whatsoever...?

15-Sep-03, 09:20
I am currenly awaiting word from BT about when the Thurso exchange will become active and yes by the looks of things it will be around the end of January.

To qualify for Broadband in Thurso - You have to be 6km or less from the Thurso Exchange as after 6km the line speeds detolerate so it would not be classed as Broadband.

The Thurso exchange is in Princess St.

If your nearer to Castletown within the 6km area then you will be on the Castletown exchange.

Finally If you dont bother in trying to get broadband to your exchange then your exchange will not get it. Dont give up hope.

When Wick gets Broadband which Im sure it will do - the nearer exchanges can be Subtended onto the Wick exchange, this will provide a lower trigger level for them. This also includes the exchanges near Thurso also.

Subtending is only done if there are enough capacity on the enabled exchanges which will provide a backhaul.

Hope this helps your questions.

Mr P Cannop
15-Sep-03, 11:51
hi Paul Reid

could u keep us up to date Please ??