View Full Version : Wedding Photo's

12-Oct-08, 19:08
Where in caithness is a nice place to go for wedding photo's

footie chick
12-Oct-08, 22:01
Is there nowhere that is special to you both? Caithness has some of the best scenery around. At the end of the day the wedding photos are you and your other half not whats in the background IMO.
Wishing you both a long and happy life together.

13-Oct-08, 15:29
the brehead or staxigoe harbour or the trinkie

14-Oct-08, 09:48
my oh and the grooms men went to staxigoe harbour before coming out to portlands for wedding and the photos are really good its lovely there.
i know a few couples that have had there wedding photos taking there.

16-Nov-08, 21:10
hi the bridge at lybster harbour with the waterfall in the background is popular