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11-Oct-08, 20:37
We went to the red pepper today for lunch as my oh had won a voucher at work, so we decided to go today, must say the meal was lovely and a very good price, they use locally sourced produce. I had white chocolate and raspberry mousse and must say it was delicious.

12-Oct-08, 08:49
ive been there heaps of times and its one of the best places to eat.....

13-Oct-08, 15:20
unless you are disabled!! they don't have disabled access!!

13-Oct-08, 16:13
where is this nice place never been sounds very nice?:lol:

Anne x
13-Oct-08, 16:27
Dining Room of Holburn Hotel can highly recommend

13-Oct-08, 18:02
in thurso :D

26-Oct-08, 23:51
unless you are disabled!! they don't have disabled access!!

This is now against the DDA, (Disability Discrimination Act), all Buildings that is acessable to the Public has to by Law have Wheelchair access, this includes shops, Public Buildings, Hotels, etc etc.

27-Oct-08, 00:03
This I know. i asked the receptionist about it, all i got told was "most people manage.."
i believe some sort of access is in the pipeline, but a tad late.

28-Oct-08, 16:39
had a gr8 meal there cannot fault the meal nor the staff, took my brother there as he is a exec chef and a hotel owner, he loved it and said we must go back.

28-Oct-08, 16:58
When they did the place up you would of thought this would of been considered by any reputable builder or architect.

I remember going there a while ago and the veggie selection was awful. I know that since then they have improved their meals a great deal.