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10-Oct-08, 14:38
have been looking at bt vision for tv,anyone know if it's any good and worth the money.had sky but got rid of it as it's full of repeats and ads.

10-Oct-08, 14:53
Go for it. We've got it and got rid of sky for the same reasons. You have to have BT broadband for it. Basically it's a Freeview box, but with the added advantage of recording the prog's; being able to watch some prog's missed in the previous week; an on demand feature (loads of prog's available, some old some new) and films that you can pay per view, or pay for on a monthly as you want it basis. Sight cheaper than Sky

10-Oct-08, 15:00
Am I missing something here, surely you will have the same amount of ads and repeats no matter the provider ???

Or is this a wind up and I have fallen for it :confused

Kevin Milkins
10-Oct-08, 16:47
I joined up to BT Total Broadband earlier this year and I am delighted with it. We have a free extra phone line which is handy as the wife can gas on the phone as long as she likes ,(for free evenings and weekends) plus all the features you get with sky .
My internet speeds have improved as well.
Also my mobile bills and phone bills have gone down.

10-Oct-08, 16:49
We have Sky and BT Vision (freebie from hubbies work). I think its great as does my son as he can record endless nonsense and watch it when he is surgically removed from the XBOX. Go for it...

11-Oct-08, 13:03
Prefer SKY+ myself.
One good way to avoid all the adds is to pause the programme at the start. Go make a cup of tea come back then let the programme go. When you come to the adverts you can zoom through them!!!!! Simple really and you avoid adverts! :)
Dont think much of BT vision after all its a glorified freevie box with a recorder, which you can buy yourself anyway and watch what progs you want on the net for FREE.
BT offered me it but after their rubbish attempt at the "Homehub" I didnt want to go back down that road!! :)

11-Oct-08, 13:18
its 100% Sky for me, I have my phone line and tv package from them so I dont have to pay BT any money at all. Just the way I like it

Sky is the lesser of 2 evils IMO :Razz

11-Oct-08, 14:11
Eh....just how long does it take you to make a cup of tea?, an hours worth of tv usually has around 12/15mins of adverts, i can make a meal for 3 in that time :D

11-Oct-08, 14:21
its 100% Sky for me, I have my phone line and tv package from them so I dont have to pay BT any money at all. Just the way I like it

Sky is the lesser of 2 evils IMO :Razz

Don't you still have to pay BT for the line rental though, 12 or so? I was with AOLtalk and it was cheaper than BT but I still had to pay bt for the line rental, until bt made another deal to go back so I did.

I'm with SKY but I do find it a tad expensive.

11-Oct-08, 14:36
No Rheg, thesedays most call providers can take over your line rental too, usually at a wee discount. That lets you get rental, calls, broadband, & video packages in one, so there's some great deals available. It's probably the one cost which appears to be coming down...

11-Oct-08, 16:28
I would go to this site and read carefully :-


This is the BT Vision site and it looks rather more expensive that I thought it would be.

So I will be sticking to SKY for TV and BT for my Phone and Orange for my BroadBand.

11-Oct-08, 16:44
Interesting site. It is interesting how things add up.
Is the broadband fast enough to watch TV on? Would someone else using the broadband slow things down too much?