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08-Oct-08, 21:24
Does anyone know anywhere I can go for funding for an individual. Have tried a few places but they only do for groups. The funding is for an individual and has written a book about a local place. It is a great achievement but they would require financial assistance to get it published. Any ideas on who to approach would be welcome. Thank you.:D

08-Oct-08, 22:08
rfr10 may be able to offer advice re the Caithnes Youth Bank Fund. I don't know who qualifies for receiving it but you can but try.
Also found this link which might help.


Good luck with your book.

08-Oct-08, 22:41
Thanks. Good link. Will have a look through.

09-Oct-08, 07:06
I would also (if they are under 24) try the Princes trust.
They normally give financial assistance to "Dis-advantaged" youngsters, havent heard them give out much in Caithness,but if its as good as you say it is then they should jump at it!

Also if all else fails I would contact "The groat" to see about getting local business' to sponsor the production and get them to print it?

All the best with the project.

09-Oct-08, 13:24
Thanks. It is actually for someone from Sutherland, so might try the Northern Times. Thanks to all who replied. :D