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13-Jan-06, 18:12
Hi Folks.
I am hoping that Bill will be putting up something on the nature section of caithness.org shortly about this

but basically i am looking for people with a bit of spare time and a love of nature to have a wander up and down their local beaches.

Go on a Skate & Ray eggcase hunt for the Shark Trust.

Why does the Shark Trust want you to record eggcases? In recent decades several species of skate and ray around the British coast have dramatically declined in numbers. The empty eggcases that wash up on to our beaches all year round are an easily accessible source of information on the whereabouts of skate and ray nursery grounds.

The identification of these critical areas will enable the Shark Trust to propose conservation measures, in order to reverse the decline of these charismatic animals.

So now’s your chance to contribute to skate and ray conservation, and take part in Britain’s first ever eggcase hunt

If you want more info and fancy an hour or so beach combing go to their site www.sharktrust.org/eggcase for info.

I am trying to organise a couple up here, lets see if we can help them out.
you can contact me anytime about it if you want to join in and i have some leaflets and ID guides to help you out.

Now where would be a good place to put a poster they have sent me?

13-Jan-06, 22:44

I have the love of nature but not the spare time :( - otherwise you could have counted me in. I wonder if the local Highland Council Rangers would be interested in getting involved? I know they organise walks & activities around Caithness for groups of adults & children throughout the year. Might be worth asking them. There's a link to their activities somewhere here on Caithness.org ...... - sorry, I actually meant to look for it before I posted this

14-Jan-06, 00:16
Hi Moira,
I have already sent an email off to the rangers so hopefully something will come out of it :)

If anyone is unsure, it can be done at any time of year, if you find yourself with an afternoon or morning free it is a great excuse for a picnic and paddle :)