View Full Version : Windy

08-Oct-08, 19:56
Heard on the news its going to get a bit windy. Any info tugmistress

09-Oct-08, 09:06
it has started to be quite windy over here in Western Isles - but warm with it at present.
Wind scheduled to rise further during the day - the forecast we have been given over here

Hope there is not too much damage from flying debris.

09-Oct-08, 09:10
That i can see over the today and tomorrow nothing really bad, gusting maybe to 45mph at its worst, just going to piddle down lol
western isles and sw scotland will get the worst of it.

arana negra
09-Oct-08, 09:40
can you send wind down south a wee bit please :) my sister has been delayed leaving Edinburgh and with a good tail wind she will get here sooner :lol: