View Full Version : Scottish Dance classes

08-Oct-08, 14:54
Just to let everyone know that there are Scottish Dance Classes happening in the new Keiss hall on a monday night 7pm-9pm.It cost 2.00 and anyone over 12 years of age is most welcome. Look forward to maybe seeing a few new faces???

lynne duncan
13-Oct-08, 20:35
there also is scottish dancing in the backer in wick every second thursday, so if anyone gets hooked on the keiss one then come along to the backer one as well - good exercise for the winter

04-Nov-08, 08:59
hi what time is it on a THURSDAY at the backer, have been looking to have the lessons for ages

27-Nov-08, 19:42
get any numbers i can call,or i just pop in there?:D

10-Dec-08, 17:26
If you come to Keiss you can just pop in there is no need to call,look forward to seeing you!

11-Dec-08, 02:02
Hey can recommend dancing for fun and exercise - good luck guys! :D

11-Dec-08, 04:46
Good exercise in winter as well as being very social. A good combo to beat the winter blues and keep the extra weight off.