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08-Oct-08, 11:24
Hi guys,

Looking for some recommendations on Baby Monitors, so if anyone has used a certain baby monitor, and thinks it's great - post here!

I've been looking at :-
Angel Care Movement And Sound Monitor
Johnson & Johnson In Touch Baby Reassurance Monitor
Nircom Babysense II Movement/Sound Monitor

Has anyone used any of the above, and found them to be worth the money?

Thanks in advance for any recommendations! :)

08-Oct-08, 11:58
I have used two different types of these kind of monitors, the first I used was the Johnsons 'In Touch' with movement sensor pad, it was great, well worth every penny, such a comfort! When H was born I bought a different model, he is still using the Tommee Tippee SureSound Ultimate Monitor (http://www.tommeetippee.co.uk/product/suresound_ultimate_monitor/)

Both are equally as good but I think I preferred the Johnson's one. Both set off an alarm if the sensor detects no movement or breathing for 20 seconds.

Hope this helps

08-Oct-08, 12:05
Thanks Julia - much appreciated.
I've had a look at your link, and that looks like a good one too!
Decisions, decisions!:eek:

mums angels
08-Oct-08, 12:25
had many monitors over the years for my first the every simple and cheap plug in tomy ones did the job but not great , second we had the angel care sensor pad one that went under matteress ( they were recalled ) so went back to tomy walk about ..great used them with 3rd aswell recently i bought the above tommie tippee ones took them
back after 6 weeks as kept losing signal on all channels baby would be crying but monitor wouldnt pick her up and interference was awful exchanged them for the following link( they dont have sensor pads etc but find they cause more worry than they are worth IMO) had them now for almost four months and they have never let us down and has crystal clear sound . hard decision but good luck .


08-Oct-08, 13:04
god were the angel monitors recalled. i have one and was going to use it with this baby due january. think ill have to think again
can i still take the monitor back i wonder

08-Oct-08, 13:11
I used a free monitor - me!! I never bothered with one and to be quite honest I wouldn't waste money on one. As long as you are prepared to run up and down the stairs a few times to check on the wee one, their lungs and your ears should be good enough.

mums angels
08-Oct-08, 23:00
god were the angel monitors recalled. i have one and was going to use it with this baby due january. think ill have to think again
can i still take the monitor back i wonder

Oh god please don't panic i'm talkin about 7 years ago almost it was just a specific batch cant even remeber details to be honest dont worry they will be fine (just stated why i swapped them at time) ...

09-Oct-08, 00:13
We used the J&J one for both of ours and it was great having the reassurance of the sensor pad - we were able to relax completely.

That is until the little sod managed to get into such a position that the sensor pad couldn't detect him and set off the alarm - have never seen us move so fast!! However, one false alarm over two kids just keeps you on your toes :D

Highly recommended.

09-Oct-08, 10:36
Thanks everyone - much appreciated!
Still haven't decided, but it's good to have some personal recommendations to go by!

09-Oct-08, 15:55
I used the Angel care monitor, it has a monitor for parents room and a sensor mat that slips under the cot matteress in the childs room as well as monitor to hear the child.

I used this system as both my sons would always turn onto their stomachs to sleep no matter what i tried so to ease my mind i decided to purchase this as it has a mat that beeps if no movement is detected for 20 secs, if it sensitive to alert you if the baby stops breathing.

I found this very reassuring and would definately recommend. we tried it out with a teddy to make sure it worked and after 20 secs it alerted us!

I used to take it away with me whenever i went off and used it under the travel cot matteress (as long as you take a thin piece of wood to place under the sensor mat) and it worked there aswell.