View Full Version : Gas boiler cover?

07-Oct-08, 22:07
Does anyone know if there is any company that provides cover for gas boilers and central heating systems etc

Scottish gas have several times phoned my house and put leaflets through my door, have tried few times to go ahead with the cover with nothing but hassle, telling me it gone ahead fine and i'll get my welcome pack which doesn't arrive and when I phone back they don't understand why to then be told thurso postcodes not covered, then told it is, then told it isn't!!

I have bn told so much contradicting info from several of their staff so have given up as think they just don't cover this area, they must waste an awful lot of money on promoting it in an area they don't even cover!!

Anyway, looked into hydro electric, on their website it says unavailable for my postcode too, so just wondering if anyone up here has anything similar from another company.

07-Oct-08, 22:14
Is it worth trying the Hydro Electric shop?