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12-Jul-03, 23:22
I heard a rumour today that we were getting a new dentist in Thurso. What I would like to know is If we only get one how many people would he or she take on remembering that we lost two dentists Would Andrews or Gordons patients be taken on first assuming our records would be handed over to a new nhs dentist(where are our records kept anyway) or would we get knocked over in the rush of people leaving another practice in the town where people are unhappy with certain charges placed apon them. :confused

13-Jul-03, 08:10
I have changed dentists twice in the past and as far as I am aware, dental records are not passed on to the new dentist. In fact I have never been asked to provide details of the previous dental practice.

I haven't heard the rumour about getting a new dentist. A lot of people who were previously NHS have been forced to go private - I wonder if they will be given the option of transferring back to NHS if we do get a new dentist?