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04-Oct-08, 20:29
Hi I have some friends thnking of coming up to caithness for a holiday and I can't find any flights the websites I have looked won't do the flights I want. I want flights from Newquay to Inverness. So if anyone can help it will be very grateful thank you so much:D

04-Oct-08, 21:48
Think you will have to fly to Gatwick and transfer to Easyjet, hope that is of help, I am presuming you are talking about Newquay, Cornwall.

04-Oct-08, 21:49
http://www.airsouthwest.com/ or easyjet from bristol ....good luck

04-Oct-08, 22:14
Was looking at Inverness - Bristol at the beginning of last month on Easyjet site, for November - think they were down to about 12 cheapest - could even hire a taxi to take them to Bristol from Newquay for the saving on other routes.

04-Oct-08, 23:22
Ryanair Newquay to Stansted, Easyjet to Inverness as Lizz says.

Have a look at these:
http://www.itravelnet.com/transport/lowcostairlines/europe.html (http://www.itravelnet.com/transport/lowcostairlines/europe.html)

Kevin Milkins
05-Oct-08, 09:56
My wife has flown from Exeter with Flybee up to Inverness.
I beleive they are going to partner with another company to fly from Wick starting this month.
If price is a big consideration ,then as suggested easyjet from Bristol or Gatwick to Inverness is the best option.

05-Oct-08, 20:02
they can now fly from exeter to inverness.also...if that will help them...they can get trains from newquey to exeter...