View Full Version : OJ guilty and faces prison

04-Oct-08, 12:28
He is finally going to jail, he still hasn't coughed up the $35 million but his face was a picture when the verdict was read out.


04-Oct-08, 12:55
Great to see him finally get what he's deserved for a long time.

04-Oct-08, 12:57
good to see justice caught up with him at last.

04-Oct-08, 13:19
It's about time he was found guilty of something. Pity that the guilty verdict came during the wrong trial, though.

He (quite rightly) lost the rights to the book he wrote called "If I did it". The victims families gained the rights and profit of said book. They still decided to publish it under the name "confessions of a killer". However I would have prefered if they had managed to publish it the way they wanted to: maintaining the original title but making the "If" a very close match to the background color of the book........

04-Oct-08, 16:16
There is a man that deserves it. Thought he was above the law and now its come back and bit im in the ASSets......:D