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alistair harper
03-Oct-08, 09:47
ok here goes its dark you jump into your car start the engine and pull away a car is coming towards you flashing his headlight to warn you something is wrong, do you like the person last night in castletown and reiss think why is he flashing? oops forgot to put my lights on or think he must know me i will wave back and give him a flash, thats what happend last night.
If your dashboard does not light up it means your headlights are not on. yes when you are in the village the street lights are on but not when you are out in the country.

How many other people have came across this?

footie chick
03-Oct-08, 10:47
All cars should have sensors to put the lights on automatically.

03-Oct-08, 12:51
its all so easy to drive off where there is lamposts and no lights
if anyone flashes me i imediately check the dash
and by the same token give anyone a flash who has forgoten tony

03-Oct-08, 13:03
My lights are on day or night.....

...and there is someone home!

03-Oct-08, 15:42
My lights are on day or night.....

...and there is someone home!

Volvo driver? :)

03-Oct-08, 18:19
All cars should have sensors to put the lights on automatically.

correct and the technolgy is there as well should be standard on all vehicles

03-Oct-08, 19:31
What's wrong with using your brain as a sensor?

It works for millions of motorists across Britain every day.

percy toboggan
03-Oct-08, 20:18
I dislike the idea of mandatory daytime lights...okay sides are not too bad (Volvos)but dipped headlights? No way! This EU Directive will soon become law for new vehicles. Motorcyclists will die as a result. Wrongly aimed headlights will be a real pain day or night and twilight will be a nightmare. Flashing headlights mean only one thing in the highway code - 'I am here'....any other uses are open to mis-interpretation.

03-Oct-08, 22:23
I sometimes drive with my dip head lights on during the day and beam is set right down so not to annoy other vehicles. This is how I was trained to drive and enables other drivers to see the car / van better, in all conditions.

To day on the way to work I slowed off as a cyclist was ahead off me on a blind summit to which I was unable to see over in order to overtake. The Freelander behind me overtook me and I doubt at the time he had seen the cyclist in front of me, he continued to overtake the cyclist only giving about 1 metres clearance. If the wind had unbalanced the cyclist or another vehicle come over the summit from the other direction then the cyclist would have had it.

On the way home I spotted a Pug 306 in my rear view mirror overtaking a row off cars and pulling in behind my vehicle, behind him was a Audi who had also overtook the row of cars. It was shocking to see in my mirrors this 306 indicate to overtake pull over to the right hand lane see the oncoming cars, braking and pulling back in behind me. He then continued to float from left to right lane on the way home, even on blind bends for no particlar reason, it was not even as if he was looking for an overtake. Even when going through town he was still mounting both lanes, could not get over such carless driving.

I was so glad to get home and off the roads.

Valerie Campbell
04-Oct-08, 14:12
It's easily done if you're in a town where the lights are on but we've passed our tests so should know better. Guilty ma laud but only for a few seconds!

04-Oct-08, 15:39
I was flashed one night in Aberdeen for not having my lights on. However, I was mortified to start with. I had just pulled away from the filling station and pulled up at traffic lights. The young guy in the van directly across from me began gesturing in a groping like manner with his two hands implying like he'd like to fondle the top half of a woman. Both myself and my friend were really indignant that someone would be so cheeky! The I realised that I hadn't put on my headlights and that is what he was signalling to us!! We were both so hysterical with laughter at our stupidness that I could hardly drive and we had to pull over!!

05-Oct-08, 14:14
Not being able to see the dials on the dash is usually a good clue for me to turn on the lights!