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02-Oct-08, 11:07
This will make your eye go funny after a while lol but it is quite fun, see if you can put the colour hues in order.
I got a score of 11 (0 is perfect) let me know how you did!


02-Oct-08, 11:16
I managed to score 8. Boy were my eyes watering with concentration!:D

02-Oct-08, 11:18
Lol well done. I had to take a break because all I could see were the lines of the boxes lol

02-Oct-08, 12:03
Not good only 46 but my eyes were streaming after the first few seconds

Tried it again and got 20, which is still not very good but a big improvement on my original score.

02-Oct-08, 12:17
Ok I will give you all a tip, KEEP BLINKING!

02-Oct-08, 12:17
that was quite hard but managed to get 14

02-Oct-08, 12:30
did test not going to tell my score,but think a better get white stick.

02-Oct-08, 12:37
I only managed 18, strangely though all the wrong ones were in the purples and blues row, the other 3 rows were perfect.

Maybe I have a bit of colour blindness where blue and purple are concerned?

02-Oct-08, 12:38
185...but I have an excuse (colour blind)..Which make me think maybe that is quite good then:lol:...

02-Oct-08, 12:47
Ok I'm not colour blind at all according to the test below, just not very good at the test [lol]


02-Oct-08, 12:49
I scored 4 but my eyes are dirling now:eek:

02-Oct-08, 12:54
Mine was 25

02-Oct-08, 12:57
Yeehaw! I got 7 - very surprised since I just lashed at it (am at work hehe). Maybe that's the best way, don't analyse it too much.

02-Oct-08, 13:02
36 i scored, ha ha. looked alright to me though :-)

02-Oct-08, 13:05
24 for me and :eek: is what my eyes look like now!!!

02-Oct-08, 13:46
28, not too good :(

....but I see the worst score for someone of my age and gender is 1409! :eek:

02-Oct-08, 15:57
i thought i was doing very good, what was hard about it untill i got the score! scored a not so good 71 ! must be totally colour blind.......:roll:

02-Oct-08, 16:26
Manged to score 11

02-Oct-08, 16:30
19 not too bad

02-Oct-08, 16:31
4, which amazes me as I'm getting as blind as a bat!

02-Oct-08, 16:41
Well beggar me! I scored zero.

Your score: 0
Gender: Female
Age range: 30-39
Best score for your gender and age range: 0
Highest score for your gender and age range: 1476

02-Oct-08, 16:52
wow well done for scoring zero!
you must be an expert at re-painting pathches on you walls! :Razz

i scored 4 which isnt too bad!! feeling a dizzy now though!

02-Oct-08, 16:55
Re-painting patches? I have a hubby for that ;)

Well done on that 4

I don't know if it makes a difference, but I didn't squint or concentrate on them too hard. Just jiggled them around until it looked about right and then sat back and looked at them. Anyhwhere it didn't seem to "flow" right, I adjusted it.

02-Oct-08, 20:15
better than i thought i scored 99 however similar age & sex is 1409

02-Oct-08, 20:56
Managed 3. Now to try to find which ones are wrong! :)

Big Jean
02-Oct-08, 21:01
My score was 4.

Quite pleased with myself actually . :)

Going to try again to see if I can find out where I went wrong . Probably do worse this time ! :lol:

02-Oct-08, 21:13
That was fun Fluff.. I scored 8... mind you it boggles the eyes...


02-Oct-08, 21:15
* Your score: 101
* Gender: Male
* Age range: 40-49
* Best score for your gender and age range: 0
* Highest score for your gender and age range: 1462

Worse than I expected.

04-Oct-08, 12:07
I scored 6-dunno how cos it didn't look right to me-my eyes went fuzzy. :eek: