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30-Sep-08, 14:51

Can anyone say where the best place to get your eyebrows shaped and waxed along with eyelash tinting.... Wick or Thurso don't mind... Also why you think who you have said is good.....

Cheers :Razz

30-Sep-08, 15:08
Never hear any complaints regarding Maggie in Back Bridge Street or Gillian in Louisburgh Street. That is if you are looking for a Wick beautician. Their prices are much as such.
Out of town(near Lybster) I have given you a link to a very good and popular beautician

I guess it is finding one that you feel relaxed with. Caithness.org has it's own list, some of which are out of date. Hope this helps?


30-Sep-08, 15:35

Thankyou for that dirdyweeker, appreciated....... Does anyone else know of anywhere...

Cheers :Razz

30-Sep-08, 16:47
susan in gorgeous in thurso.

30-Sep-08, 17:57
Louise in the Comfort Zone in Thurso is very good :)

30-Sep-08, 18:49
I would also say Susan in Gorgeous or Louise in the Comfort Zone. I have been to both and have been very pleased with what they have done.

Helen from Healing Hands mobile massage is also fantastic. She sorted out muscular problems in my back that medication from the doctor didn't seem to help.

30-Sep-08, 21:20
I can highly recomend Katrina Sutherland's country spa for all beauty treatments, you get a fab Caithness welcome and all the treatments I have tried and taken mates with me too have a pampering day have been excellent and it is a lovely setting too! Have had eye brows done and eyelashes tinted there and the results were well worth the trip out for, have also used the tanning treatment and suger scrubs and pedicures all super and they have friendly approachable staff..not stuffy at all, the facilities at the spa are immaculate and really realaxed enviroment really worth going for a treat or before a special occasion!

30-Sep-08, 21:24
I'll be up in Thurso in a few weeks time. I'll bring my chainsaw and do it for free. [lol]

wee sparkle
30-Sep-08, 21:32
I've been to gillian a couple of times and she's really good. She's at the bottom of coach road in Wick, or louisburgh street.

Im not really the best with street names :lol:


01-Oct-08, 08:21
Hi would highly recommend Susan or Kerry in Gorgeous - they are 1st class!

02-Oct-08, 03:18
I think thurso college is very good, and cheapest.