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arana negra
30-Sep-08, 14:14
We have been talking about what we will do when my husband retires in a few years time. We currently live in Spain, but are wondering about a wee place somewhere else also. Would you recommend your area ? where is it and why would you recommend it ?

Seriously looking for ideas, ta.

30-Sep-08, 15:32
Hi Arana Negra

I dont really have anywhere to suggest as a lot would depend on what ammenities you want and what you both like to do in your spare time.

To be honest, I am just jealous :lol:. Retirement, whats that? I have a few years yet before heading down that path. Even then, knowing me, I will still need to work to make ends meet. Hopefully, there will be some employers on the go who will take an auld biddy.

I would think you have a great place where you are now.

I would love to retire over in America and 'work' on a cattle ranch. Out on the horses with the cattle (smelly critters me thinks), eating beans and sleeping under the stars, ahhh, bliss. (Not so good the following day when the beans do their worst!!)

Hope someone comes up with some useful suggestions for you

30-Sep-08, 20:46
In a word. CAITHNESS

lynne duncan
30-Sep-08, 22:40
as much as we love here in wick, we'd love to go to florida so split time 50/50

01-Oct-08, 00:38
North Wales is nice. So is Eastbourne, so I have heard. Have you considered Malta at all?

01-Oct-08, 01:04
Grange-over-Sands has to be one of the nicest places to retire to. Beautiful scenery, very traditional, quiet roads, no bother with yobbos and within easy distance for the lake district. It is easy to get to from all parts of Britain which is handy if you have family.

01-Oct-08, 02:12
i would like to retire to cala bona in mallorca.

jock leith
01-Oct-08, 09:42
I took early retirement,at 55.As I married to a Kiwi we moved back to New Zealand to a town called Blenheim,Marlborough (which is at the top of the South Island ).It has everything you could ever want.We have the highest sunshine hours and plenty of beautiful beeches which are not overcrowded.We are surrounded by at least 40 vineyards so if you like wine you will have the worlds finest to choose from.If you enjoy boating we have the Marlborough Sounds in which you can enjoy Fishing,Walking,All types of water sports.The town has every facility you could require ie Shops,Theatre,Swiming Pools,Pubs,Restaurants,Wineries etc.The people are great too.I was born and bred in Wick but NZ takes some beating.


arana negra
01-Oct-08, 13:36
Thank you for your replies, some places we have talked about Wales, Scotland, NOT Malta I got BAD food poisoning there lol some parts on Engerrland maybe. Oz and NZ not an option way to far for family visits. We have family all over the UK and not tied to anywhere there, although I really want to spend time in my Scotland some how.

We were thinking about not having to learn another language, and possibly splitting time between here and somewhere else or selling the boat and buying a better live aboard one.

Cedric Farthsbottom III
01-Oct-08, 14:02
I'm going to retire to Keiss.Some folk have told me I should got to barbados.Too hot.Some folk have also told me to go to hell.Far too hot.:lol:

Bad Manners
01-Oct-08, 15:54
Buying a bigger boat to live on is a good idea then you are not tied to one place. you can costal hop all the way round the uk and see all the many varied places and maybe give you some insight as to where you would like to retire. Unfortunatly being self employed retirement is just a dream but hope you enjoy yours

arana negra
01-Oct-08, 16:01
:D I am already retired, I gave it up to move here to be with my man. A bit of island hopping and the passage from Southern Spain might be a good way to spend some time.

Cedric from what I have heard Barbados and hell are very similar :lol: