View Full Version : New message board needed?

09-Jul-03, 12:04
Instead of cluttering up the top of the message board with announcements and 'sticky' threads that (and let's be honest) everybody has read by now, could we not have a new 'announcements' message board for the purpose???

Colin Manson
09-Jul-03, 12:48
We could but then would people read it?

Also new people are signing up all the time, do you think they would read all of these messages in another section? I know many sites that use this forum and some have decided to put everything in a single section but most of them do it the way that we do.

They do need to be organised a little bit and maybe I just need to put everything in one place, a system I like is uses the following

Announcement (Read this first before posting) or
Announcement (Rule & Regulations)

and maybe

Announcement (FAQ)

Then we could use Sticky Threads for things of current interest.

I understand your point jjc but you have to consider that there are many different types of visitors, I'm sure that people that visit every day/week don't really need these things but other people find these topics useful.

I'll try and get around to adding more details and making the system a bit clearer.


09-Jul-03, 13:23
fairy-snuff... It was just a thought because the most recent thread has now moved down to fifth place and I doubt it will be long before it is pushed down a couple more.

For what it's worth, I do think that people would read the announcements as and when they arrived if they were in a different board... I would, anyway.

09-Jul-03, 22:28
What we all should be doing is sticking with the subject matter for each thread. I think the message board is excellent, with a wide range of subjects from serious to funny.

But, what I do find annoying is when it starts to lead off the subject. The thread that has just been deleted was a fine example. Let's all just enjoy this message board. After all, there is a lot of hard work goes into it. I don't think we can thank Colin, Bill and Niall enough. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't be where we are now with Caithness.org

09-Jul-03, 22:58
How about an Announcement Pop-up?

Each time you log in/visit a pop-up appears with new announcements etc.

Colin Manson
10-Jul-03, 00:37

Lots of people hate pop-ups and I don't blame them, there is also lots of software about that stop them. There used to be a feature that allowed me to put a message outside the general forum, above everything else.