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10-Jan-06, 18:37
OK an update from someone that knows more than me and his interpretation of what is happening at the moment....

Update on the wind potential as 950 mb low just north of K5 buoy moves to near Faeroes by 03z as 945 mb low ... Stornoway likely to see max winds of 55 knots gusting 75 around 1900-2100, Orkneys and north coast Scotland should see similar values around midnight to 0400, and Shetlands 60 knots gusting 80 around 0300-0600.

Strongest winds would be a little further west than these locations except that for the most part, there is a surface inversion over the ocean and you have to go up 100 metres or more to encounter the full force of the winds until the cold front passes and allows for full mixing. This is one reason why winds will gust strongly around cold frontal passage near land, watch for some gusts near 100 mph briefly as this front swings through very rapidly (system is pulling in colder air quite rapidly due to strong pressure falls).

Expect a period of hail or even snow in very strong WSW winds after frontal passage late tonight. This may become a situation with a few local streamers of snow separated by clear conditions.

10-Jan-06, 18:46
Where I live, if you left your washing out overnight, it would be gone in the morning no matter what the weather...LOL :)

10-Jan-06, 20:07
Ha ha I thought tugmistress had heard of a knicker nicker on the go !!!

10-Jan-06, 20:21
I know the importance of the weather is cranked up a few notches in your part of the world, given that boats are away ands onshore winds can wreak havoc, It's a fascinating subject and I enjoyed your Scrabster website tugmistress.

10-Jan-06, 22:58
Great! Thanks for the update Tugmistress!

Time to batten down the hatches folks! :D

10-Jan-06, 23:07
Wonder is that why there are so many power cuts in Thurso tonight.

10-Jan-06, 23:10
probably Geo, 17 here and counting, lucky if i get to post this before the next one!

10-Jan-06, 23:55
We were in Caithness this week last year. Same sceenario..southwester hit The Western Isles and was still quite a hooley when it blew into Thurso. One saving grace, we took the advice of the local radio station and went back to bed until midday!