View Full Version : body piercings

26-Sep-08, 11:42
my 18 year old step daughter is wanting to get her lip pierced (shudder:confused). is there anyone (qualified/safe/reliable) in caithness that does body piercings?

27-Sep-08, 14:00
I think i seen a poster up in the wick coop about someone who does body peircings

28-Sep-08, 20:50
There is a lady in Green Road that does piercings, my son is going tomorrow so i could pass her number on to you.

rs 2k
28-Sep-08, 22:12

I think R &M hairdressers in Thurso does it

Next door to Y-Not

29-Sep-08, 13:48
Joe Sutherland the ex copper in spittal does peircing i think. she does the mobile tanning spray aswel

30-Sep-08, 19:00
Sorry it took so long to get back to you, the number of the lady in Green Road is 07948459426 but she can be a little tricky to get hold of. Hope this helps.