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25-Sep-08, 20:34
lovley tasty 5lb sea bass :)

25-Sep-08, 23:25
I think the idea of having a biodiversity forum, is to encourage the preservation of the species. Chapping Mr. Bass on the head would appear to be contrary to that. Any chance of a fillet?[smirk]:D

26-Sep-08, 00:32
didnt know where else to post it sorry guys instead of a fillet ive one in freezer ur more than welcome to if u want it send me a private message im in thurso by the way

26-Sep-08, 09:17
thats a cracking size of bass for up here, i presume it was caught in the county?

26-Sep-08, 10:13
yeah caught locally by me,me and my nephew have caught in excess of 130+ locally in thurso in secrect locations :) 2 weeks ago i got 4 crackers about 3lb size i asked bill to put it on front page for tourismn for fishing for anglers from a far who look at the org dunnet gets most publicity but tell u truth weve been to all hot spots there this year and caught nothing .

26-Sep-08, 11:06
Don't suppose you could tell us the secret location for catching sea bass? :)

the second coming
26-Sep-08, 20:06
Crackin fish, only ever caught one up here, off Holborn Head.

Got nowt from Dunnet. Tried plenty though

27-Sep-08, 16:10
Now, the interesting thing is..... I would personally rather have a mackeral for dinner than a bass. Caught plenty of bass to around 5lb and tried cooking them in all sorts of ways - find the BBQ best. Think the flavour is very over-rated.

27-Sep-08, 22:33
depends how u prepare it i guess i like my left overnight soaked in lemon and herbs but everyone to there own

28-Sep-08, 23:40
i caught 5 or 6 2 weeks ago of the end of scrabster pear

29-Sep-08, 00:22
i caught 5 or 6 2 weeks ago of the end of scrabster pear
mmm never caught of or heard of sea bass of there in my ten years of thurso fishing wot sizes were they i guess u know they have to be 36 cm before u keep em caught 12 other night me and nephew had to release 6 because under size sure u aint on about mackeral have u any pics ? maybe u did i aint judging u but they prefer shallow water/u any pics ???

30-Sep-08, 22:25
Try posting your fish on the world sea fishing site / forum / scotland.

The bigger fish will always be caught from Thurso because the marine geography is suited to them. Dunnet will only ever hold schoolies .

01-Oct-08, 00:43
pm me e address pls il do so