View Full Version : american fridge freezer??

25-Sep-08, 11:49
looking to get a new 1

any recommendations would be helpful

also on the after sales care.....samsung suck!:(

25-Sep-08, 12:11
I have an LG one. They are great and you certainly get loads in them. I didn't go for one with a water chiller/dispenser as the water in Caithness is great quality and cold enough from the tap and it does give you more storage space.

It pays to shop around as the prices vary tremendously as I only paid 480 for mine and at one point it was 700. Use all the price comparison web sites once you have an idea of what you are looking for.

Good luck with your search.

Kevin Milkins
25-Sep-08, 12:56
We have an LG one and is about 4 years old and works fine.
It has the water cooler dispenser ,but as skinnydog said I don't think you need it up here and its not used much.
My sister has a Samsung with the ice crusher dispenser thing on it and that gets used quite a bit as my brother-in-law drinks Magners cider.
The only thing that drives me up the wall with ours is the peeper that goes off to remind you you have not sut the door.:mad:

25-Sep-08, 19:59
It was a samsung one we had.....
It died aged 3:(

25-Sep-08, 21:01
I have just purchased an LG one in black from www.kitchenscience.co.uk saved 230 compared to other places. Also ordered it on Sunday night and it was delivered today at 10.30