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09-Jan-06, 18:35
hi i am nearly 16 and was just woundering about the cbt!
i have a couple off questions to ask you please!

1,Do you have to have any insurance or anything else before you sit your cbt?
2,How much will this be?

Thanks for your help f.d xxxx

09-Jan-06, 19:03
If you're using your own bike you'll need insurance, If you hire a bike from the instructor their insurance should cover you. I used to be a motorcycle instructor when the CBT law came out but that was a few years ago now :-(
Your bike must be road legal to sit the CBT.
Also wear suitable clothing when you go for it - jeans, good jacket, leather gloves, boots that cover your ankles and of course a decent helmet that fits.
And dont hang your helmet on the mirrors when you park the bike !
If you have any experience on a bike you'll sail through it. Its all common sense.

09-Jan-06, 19:16
hi thanks for that.
OK here is another question see if you have a couple off little scratches going down the visor will you fail?

thanks f.d

09-Jan-06, 19:27
I second Al's comments. It's almost impossible to fail, unless you are a complete novice or very uncoordinated. When I did it c.1992 I'd ridden loads of bikes in the previous 25 years but nothing of any real size. I wanted a bigger machine for sunny weekends and long haul holidays. Even after a million miles on four to eighteen wheels the two wheeled art is completely different and a real challenge so I was a little nervous.. Probably the hardest bit (for me anyway) is riding at slow walking pace. I did mine on a hired trials bike - a 125. It was quite high off the ground and very well balanced.
I went on to fail the actual test the first time - had a nightmare ride A month later I was back again with even worse nerves but managed to pass. The following few summers were well worth all the effort (and cash!- I think it was the thought of wasting it that made me so nervous)

Seriously, compared to the actual test the cbt is a breeze. If you do that the key to the test itself is just loads and loads of practice.


Good luck.

09-Jan-06, 19:29
No, its in your best interest to get a new visor though as you'd be surprised how much those scratches impare your vision, especially in the wet.
Away home now so any other questions will get answered tomorrow.
I might have books on the cbt and test at home, I'll have a look for ya.


09-Jan-06, 19:39
If the scratches are out of your direct line of vision I dont think they will be a problem for your cbt training. I would replace it afterwards if you take to two wheels regularly. I have only open faced helmets and wear goggles or sunglasses, I'm not keen on visors. It's all down to personal preference.

09-Jan-06, 19:45
thanks everyone

09-Jan-06, 20:17
When my son did the CBT it cost 90, which was 18 months ago.

Alice in Blunderland
09-Jan-06, 20:25
When I sat my cbt I fell off and still managed to pass I was out for two days with the instructor was well worth the money for the lessons though.

moose and Lindsay
10-Jan-06, 00:17
i think it is 120 pounds now for the whole day if u use the instructors bike and a wee bit cheaper if u use your own!!

How can a 16 year old get a provisional licence??

don't u have to be 17 for a provisional??

Or is it a special licence for a 16 yr old who wants to ride a bike??


10-Jan-06, 02:04
u can get ur provisional at 16 for a moped or a tractor, as for the cbt its easy, its all basic common sense and you shud pass it no bother at all