View Full Version : Caithness Seacoast?!

24-Sep-08, 13:10
Got visitors coming up at the weekend and was planning a trip on the Seacoast boat based at the harbour in Wick. Just wondered if anyone has used it and what they thought? Have done the Northcoast explorer at Groats a few times but would save a drive to Graots and quite fancy a nose round this side at the Castle of Old Wick etc!

Kevin Milkins
24-Sep-08, 13:42
My wife and I went on it a few weeks back and enjoyed it.
I dont like boats at all but the wife was keen to have a go .
it is well run with new kit and the owner is very informative on whatever subject he is talking about.
We went North and had a look at Gernigoe Castle and then up Sinclair bay.I wouldnt mind a trip South now to have a look at Wallygoe steps.
Good luck and regards KM

24-Sep-08, 15:42
Been on both boats, and it great to see the different parts of the coast. But think there's more to see round Stroma from the North Coast Explorer and it's more comfortable.