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08-Jan-06, 16:29
Humbled yet again in the Cup, this time by Clyde. Well odds on for the SPL and 17 points ahead of Rangers, it doesn't say much for the state of Scottish football.

Does anyone still think the Old Firm could hold their own with the Premiership?

Maybe they should start in the Vauxhall Conference.

08-Jan-06, 16:44
Well done Clyde, they played the better football, an the Hibbees have got the unmighty gers in the next round, well we have beaten them twice this season already, once thats done I hope we meet the Dons after that :rolleyes:

08-Jan-06, 17:29
For a neutral it's always good to see the underdog do well.
I listened to the early bit of the game - Keanes debut in a hooped shirt.
I just hope Burton Albion put you know who out of the F.A. Cup this aft. Unlikely but you never know. Apparently they are playing on a pitch which has more sand on it than grass!

08-Jan-06, 17:44
Yes indeedy, we were well and truly stuffed by the mighty Clyde. I heard they had the ball in the net FIVE times and missed a pen?? It makes for romance of the cup if nothing else. It regularly happens in England, so why not Scotland for a change?

What odds on Clyde for the cup?

All together now my fellow Tims "We didna want to win it anyway"

Just off to be sick.......

The Loafer

08-Jan-06, 17:59
Terrible performance from Celtic, and Du Wei's debut was horrible! But lets not be having this "still think Celtic would do well in the Premiership" rubbish. Upsets happen - ManU the most succesful team in the Premiership history drew 0-0 with Exeter last season. Fulham were put out by Leyton Orient. These things happen and I still think Celtic would cut it in the Premiership.. Perhaps a mid table side but with the strong support the groundwork is there to become massive. (If they joined hehe)

08-Jan-06, 18:09
The problem with the premiership - I still merely see it as the first division - is that like Scotland the championship race has become predictable. Manchester United and Arsenal have been joined , and for now, surpassed at the top by Chelsea, thanks to Abramovic's millions. add Liverpool to the mix and the bulk of the others are vyeing for middle table mediocrity or clawing for survival. Finishing fifth or sixth is seen as a triumph for too many once mighty clubs -Eveton/City/Villa/Spurs et al.

I hope one of the also rans win something important before too long because supporters are beginning to switch off , if not in droves, certainly a substantial trickle. It would have an instantly beneficial effect if Celtic & Rangers were added to the mix. Although I think it fair that they come into the second division (championship) first and play their way out. They wouldn't find it easy in there.No-one does. Once up amongst ther other big boys I feel they'd hold their own but wouldn't press for honours because it's no level playing field anymore.

08-Jan-06, 22:27
it is worth noting that one of clydes best players today has a strong wick connection tom brightons mother is originally from wick

ice box
08-Jan-06, 22:29
Mighty celtic i right what happened there ..

09-Jan-06, 23:36
it is worth noting that one of clydes best players today has a strong wick connection tom brightons mother is originally from wick

Correct there mate, he is my cousin :)