View Full Version : Washing Machine

20-Sep-08, 12:19
I am fed up with my washing machine as it is so loud and goes for a walk across the kitchen floor everytime it is on spin cycle!:confused

Can anyone recommend a nice quiet, energy efficient washing maching which stays put?


20-Sep-08, 15:46
find it great - big loads too.

A bit bigger than most machines but worth the extra space required to fit them.

20-Sep-08, 17:36
Bosch Exxcel 1400 Express - love it! Has a large door which opens right back - very useful! Quiet spin! Big drum for a good load!

20-Sep-08, 18:12
Thanks both.

Pat I'm afraid I can't get a top loader as it goes under a counter.

Wifie the Bosch looks brilliant!:D Just need to save up now or win the lottery. Hopefully the latter!:lol:

Can I be cheeky and ask how much you paid for it as have seen a few different prices on the net?