View Full Version : Big event

05-Jul-03, 20:54
To Sassy hope all goes well on the big day..take lots of pics an' don't let yer sis upstage you..mant congratulations to you and all your family on this happy day

05-Jul-03, 22:19
my sentiments too I hope Mary & Ian have a great day and the proud Mum & Aunt Helen
have a good time

07-Jul-03, 00:11
It was a splendid day in every way, I could not be happier for my darling daughter.
Thank you for your good wishes, I will pass them along! :D

07-Jul-03, 04:02
A fine time had by all! Mary was heartstoppingly beautiful, and Erin was her graceful maid of honor. Ian was his serene handsome self, even in trews instead of the kilt. I can verify that Sassy looked simply divine in her beeg cremecake hat and she did not dance on the table.