View Full Version : Dyson help

18-Sep-08, 19:49
Not a recommendation as such but I have a Dyson DC07, the yellow/silver one. I have had it for 18 months and can't get the top off to get into the filters. Looks easy enough as the catch is on the front but I just can't get it apart. Does anyone have any tips on how to open it?

18-Sep-08, 22:19
Open the dust box at the bottm first...his removes the vacum makes it easier if this fails phone dyson helpline!

18-Sep-08, 22:57
Had the same problem myself. Fought with it for months until my daughter suggested I open the bottom first. Needless to say it just almost fell open then!!

18-Sep-08, 23:00
How about here!

20-Sep-08, 20:34
That worked a treat. Thanks very much.

Now I know that this will sound like a real stupid question and just goes to show that I should keep the instruction manuals but on my old dyson there was a wee sponge thing that you could wash out. On the new one with the funny shaped top I dont think there is. Can you keep me right?

20-Sep-08, 20:54
LOL not just me then! yes there is a sponge filter thing on far left at bottom it can be washed under cool tap as can yellow filter housing bit that it sits in!