View Full Version : Willow panel as coo deterrent?

17-Sep-08, 20:04
I am looking for some kind of coo deterrent after finding that the coos in the field next to our house have munched down all our shrubs!:eek:

We have a brick wall around the garden and not sure what is the most cost effective way of stopping the coos getting their heads into eat the shrubs?

I was thinking of something like a willow panel but not sure where to get this from?

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

17-Sep-08, 20:05
An electric fence along the top worked for us.

17-Sep-08, 20:12
How much did that cost?

A bit worried that it might zap the cats though!:eek:

02-Oct-08, 18:00
Coos will munch willows, but one of the great things about willows is that they will not die, but regenerate.

I have the same problem. I have used willows on the outside, and planted the more decorative stuff on the inside. The willows shelter the other shrubs, and bear the brunt of the coo-munching. They keep coming back for more - the willows, not the coos. Well, actually, the coos do too.

The other great thing about willows is that they grow so easily from cuttings. Never buy a willow. You can grow your own effortlessly.

However, don't be conned into spending money, especially by mail order, on anything described as a willow wall or willow hedge. Have you seen the one the Council paid for a few years ago on the A96 by Lhanbryde? It is 90% dead.

Grow your own willow, don't buy it.

03-Oct-08, 00:45
Oops missed that one - unit cost about 60, battery free from Fletts nd about 20 for the wire. Then they grew oats instead!