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17-Sep-08, 10:35
where does everyone buy their kitchens? such a huge difference in price between them all?

17-Sep-08, 15:33
what kind of prices do you have so far as I am going to be looking soon so would be very helpful to know some differences. I thought about Ashley Anna or the Home Base crowd.

17-Sep-08, 15:50
Have you tried KDF in Halkirk? they do all price ranges, Howdens in Thurso only seem to do really cheap or very expensive, nothing in between

17-Sep-08, 15:59
The only fitted Kitchen I have ever bought was from Ashley Ann in Inverness. I would highly recommend them after going in to lots of big chains and being ignored. We were on a budget and I expected them to laugh me out of the shop but I said how much I had to play with and a very helpful older gentleman showed me the ranges I could have and worked out a plan for me. The guys who came to fit the kitchen were great and worked hard and in tandem with a chap I had workin on my bathroom as the pipe work was old and they had to find some older sized stuff to knit the old and new together. This meant they had to work on to finish it (we lived quite a long way from Inverness) but this they did in good spirits. I loved my Ashley Ann kitchen and was very sad to leave it behind as the one we have in our new build down here is not anywhere near the standard they supplied!

17-Sep-08, 17:34
who are KDF halkirk ??? cant say I have heard of this firm

17-Sep-08, 21:20
Have had a couple of kithens in two different houses from Ashley Ann.Both very good. Made to measure no awkward little spaces because the standard units woudn't fit and delivered made and ready to instal yourself if you wanted. No extra trips to Inverness if something's missing or not fitting properly

17-Sep-08, 21:44
I have a beautiful new Ashley ann kitchen No complaint other than their after sales if you need them to come back you have to be prepared to keep on at them !!

17-Sep-08, 22:36
I thought Ashley Anne were a Caithness Firm? We went to Homebase for ours but it took weeks for it to arrive and when we needed an extra handle (okay, my mistake - I mis-counted) it took 10 weeks for 1 handle to come!!! The staff were a good enough when ordering but it was lucky I knew what I needed before I went in. To be honest, if I had the money I would probably have gone to Ashley Anne too as my mum has nothing but praise for them.

eric pollard
19-Sep-08, 21:50
i recomend space kitchens they to me are the best second to none service very quick and reliable my wife signed for our kitchen and when i got home found a panel damaged and they came back and replaced it right away hope this helps

20-Sep-08, 13:53
A link to the thread that was going a few months ago on this subject:


22-Sep-08, 15:38
Went a look to KDF in Halkirk it's realy worth a visit if anyone is planning a new kitchen floor or doors. Very friendly and easy to speak to.