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04-Jul-03, 23:35
Had a meal in K2 tonight along with a load of family and just wanted to say the service was second to none and the food was delicious. They are a real bonus to have in the town and I can't recommend them enough.

Wounded Soldier
04-Jul-03, 23:53
yup they are excellent, i have alot of time for them, like if i order something an its maybe got something missing i dont hold it against them coz they do a fantastic job and the foood is great plus a small place being very busy must have to struggle to keep thngs flowing nicely.

I got it, K2 -v- All the other poor places in town, lol, think ppl would be bored of another discussion between competeing services.


Colin Manson
04-Jul-03, 23:55
I had a takeaway tonight from K2 and it was perfect, had to wait 30 minutes but I'd rather wait and get a great curry than to get something that was thrown together in 10 minutes. :D


05-Jul-03, 00:45
Excellent place, the food is always fantastic, especially the Krishno Chura, man! i just cant get enough of that dish.
And the new owner Mia is a really nice guy

05-Jul-03, 19:01
Didn't know K2 had a new owner.
We often have a takeaway from there.

I had the South Indian Garlic Chilli Massala the other night as I have a really bad cold and tend to have a really hot curry when I'm ill. It's the hottest curry [mad] but it wasn't as hot as usual plus it was loaded with yellow peppers (not usually like that)

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that their curries seem to be somewhat overspiced lately. The dhansak and Patia are extremely spicy compared to what they should be. I'm not complaining coz I like it spicy but maybe others might get a shock if they are expecting a medium curry and get a blast :eek: :eek:

I still like the Balti Hut though, I've always had a decent takeaway from there and the pizzas are great too, although I seem to lean more towards K2.

05-Jul-03, 20:17
Didn't know K2 had a new owner

Yeah, for a few couple of weeks now, Raj is off back to Banff where he has another Restaurant.

I cant say iv'e really noticed the dishes being spiced more than before, but it is a new Chef aswell, so maybe there is a difference with some dishes